Thursday, April 3, 2008

Colorless world

I am sitting in this office today, where there is no color. Everything is some different shade brown or grey. I am here only temporary. Praise the Lord. I want to add color to this place. Someone add some green. Put big words on the wall that reads...Inspire. Add some Pink or Purple.
I love color. I love all things bright and beautiful. I crave Color.
Everyday I want to add color to my world. Some how Some where.. Add Beauty.

This gives me energy... ( or is it the coffee)
God created the world. His creation has color. The sky is so many different shades of blue in one given Moment. Why do we paint this office of four walls such an awful brown. There are no windows. I long to see Blue and Green.
At last there is lunch.. And there is a scrapbook store right around from me here.
Praise the Lord for the Color.. I will find there.